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Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you’ll get when you get Market Samurai through my affiliate link.

Get Market Samurai

Get Market Samurai

Get Market Samurai Today-Part 1 Of What You’ll Get

Market Samurai currently goes for $149 BUT the good news is that you can get Market Samurai for $97 using my affiliate link-That’s a whooping $52 discount or 35% off if you like :)

How To Get Market Samurai For $97 (35% Off)

Follow the steps below to get Market Samurai promo code that will help you get Market Samurai for only $97 instead of $149.

Steps To Get Market Samurai $52 Discount Code

  1. Clear your browser cookies-It’s VERY IMPORTANT you do this or else you won’t get your discount PLUS bonuses!
  2. Click HERE to get Market Samurai download link (Free trial). You must download Market Samurai from this exact page to be eligible for my $52 discount. Use a new email address if you downloaded Market Samurai in the past.
  3. You’ll get an email shortly after you signup that will contain your registration details PLUS a discount offer to buy Market Samurai for $97 instead of $149 (at the bottom of the email). 

Get Market Samurai Today-Part 2 Of What You’ll Get

Once you install Market Samurai, you’ll get immediate access to amazing training videos on how best to use Market Samurai PLUS these 9 FREE Modules valued at over $1,215!

  • SEO Competition Analysis Module- Analyse the strength of the competition in any niche (value: $249)
  • Keyword Research Module- Find the right keywords to dominate your niche (value: $176)
  • Domains Module- Choose a domain that will boost your rankings in the search engines (value: $99)
  • Monetization Module- Turn traffic into cash with instant affiliate ads published straight to your site (value: $99)
  • Find Content Module- Research articles and find content to republish immediately (value: $99)
  • Publish Content Module- Write, schedule and publish content straight to your blog(s) (value: $99)
  • Promotion Module- Build high-authority backlinks to improve your site rankings (value: $99)
  • Lifetime Market Samurai Software Updates- You gain access to new and updated tools as they evolve (value: $295 per year)
  • Priority Email Support- You can contact the Market Samurai help-desk with any questions and receive a personalized priority response (value: $695 per year)

You can read more about these modules in this awesome Market Samurai Review.

Get Market Samurai Today-Part 3 Of What You’ll Get

Market Samurai Bonuses

Market Samurai Bonuses

So the above pretty much sums up what you’re going to get if you get Market Samurai through me :)

Get Market Samurai Free Bonuses-How To Claim Your $3315 Worth Of Bonuses

Once you BUY Market Samurai using my AFFILIATE LINK (Make sure you clear your browser cookies before signing up for your Free Trial or you’ll miss out on your bonuses. Refer to part 1 above on how to get Market Samurai discount code ), send me an email at with the subject line as “Market Samurai Bonus”.

Please also forward me your PayPal receipt OR any other proof of payment as this is the only way I’ll be able to ascertain you really bought Market Samurai using my discount promo code.

NB: Once you send me your payment details, I’ll send your bonuses within 48 hours (Maximum)

It’s Time To Get Market Samurai Now!

I know they’re many affiliates out there who are “promising” insane discounts BUT if you do the math, what’s better; a $52 discount PLUS $3315 worth of FREE bonuses or just an “X” discount that doesn’t give you any free tools to help you make more money online?

If you do the math, you’ll realize that choosing to get Market Samurai through me is by far the best deal out there.

Some of the free software you’ll get in form of bonuses when you get Market Samurai from me will help you make more money from your blog, from Facebook and even from YouTube, just to mention a few.

If you’re serious about wanting to dominate the search engines and make lots of cash while at it, then Click Here to get Market Samurai today.  

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Get Market Samurai

Get Market Samurai