Keyword Samurai otherwise known as Market Samurai is a keyword research tool that’s way ahead of its time plus its competition. I mean, the features in this bad boy are just off the charts!

I know it sounds too good to be true, so here are a couple of features of Keyword Samurai a.k.a the best keyword research tool on the planet, just to show you how awesome this tool really is. Believe me; nothing out there comes close to what Keyword Samurai has to offer.

Keyword Samurai

Keyword Samurai (Market Samurai Keyword Research)

Keyword Samurai: Kick-Ass Features

1. Keyword Research

This Keyword Samurai feature helps you to:

  • Find keywords that are relevant toy your niche.
  • Find keywords that have high levels of traffic.
  • Find keywords that have little or no competition.  
  • Find keywords that are highly profitable.

2. Rank Tracker

This Keyword Samurai feature helps you to easily and effortlessly keep track of where your keywords (i.e. posts) stand in the search engines e.g. Google, Bing and yahoo.

Remember, it’s important to know where you stand before doing any form of SEO.

3. SEO Competition

This Keyword Samurai feature helps you to unmask your competition plus assess their strength. It’ll give you a competitive edge over your competition as you’ll be able to know how many backlinks they have and most importantly, where they got their backlinks from. You can therefore reverse engineer and get more backlinks than them hence beat them on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

4. Domains

If you’re tired of having to spend hours or even days searching for the perfect domain, then you’ll love the domains feature of Keyword Samurai. You’ll now be able to quickly uncover high quality domains just by the click of a button…how cool is that!

5. Monetization

This Keyword Samurai feature will help turn your blog into a 24/7 money making machine by helping you to:

Find affiliate products to promote from ClickBank, Commission Junction, Amazon & PayDotCom

Generate ads on your blog(s) e.g. Google AdSense, eBay auctions and Amazon products.

6. Find Content

This Keyword Samurai feature helps you to find articles online that are relevant to your niche. It even gives you the option of where to get your content from e.g. from news sites, blogs, article directories, picture/video sites etc.

You’ll no longer have to write your own post or pay someone else to do it for you.

7. Publish Content

This Keyword Samurai feature helps you to publish content straight to your blog(s) right from Market Samurai. You don’t have to keep logging in to your blog(s) to publish new content.

8. Promotion

This Keyword Samurai feature helps you to target high quality backlinks to your posts. It currently supports backlinks from Web 2.0 properties, Blogs and Forums. It also gives you the option of submitting your post to DMOZ (it’s a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links owned by AOL)

You better believe Keyword Samurai is one of the best link building tools.

The above Keyword Samurai features are just a tip of the iceberg. Click here to read more on Keyword Samurai and why it’s the best keyword research tool on the planet.

Keyword Samurai-Stop Struggling To Get Traffic The Hard Way

(Market Samurai)

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