So, you’re looking for a Market Samurai crack maybe because you’re on a tight budget (I’ve been there) or just don’t want to spend a dime for the best keyword research tool on the planet?

Well, whatever your reason for wanting a Market Samurai crack version may be, lemme share with you my experience, so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Market Samurai Crack: Why I Wanted A Cracked Version Of Market Samurai

Market Samurai Crack

Market Samurai Crack

I first came across Market Samurai in 2012 through a blog post made by a renowned blogger, but seeing it went for a whopping $149, I decided using Google’s free keyword tool (now called Google Keyword Planner), was the best way to go.

I mean, I was just new to the whole concept of blogging to make money and frankly speaking, I didn’t have the $149 that the creators of Market Samurai were asking for.

It was however in 2013 that I came across a sad realization which made me hate using the Google Keyword Tool as my primary keyword research tool.

Market Samurai Crack: Flaws Of Using The Google Keyword Planner

I know not many bloggers will like to hear this, but the truth of the matter is that the Google Keyword Planner isn’t as reliable and accurate as you may think it is.

To be exact, the Google Keyword Planner can deceive you into picking keywords in the wrong order i.e. permutation (You can read more about this here).  

This in the end will result in you receiving 0 (ZERO) traffic from search engines despite having put in tremendous effort into making your posts rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines.

Market Samurai Crack: My Search For A Market Samurai Crack Version Begins

Once I realized I needed a more accurate keyword research tool to help me targeted low competitive keywords, I went about searching for the “best keyword research tool” and that’s when I once again came across Market Samurai (I also came across Long Tail Pro but this Market Samurai Review details why I opted for Market Samurai instead).

Given Market Samurai was going for a whopping $149 (at the time I didn’t know you could get Market Samurai for $97), I did what anyone in my position would do- search for a Market Samurai crack download.

My search for a cracked version of Market Samurai bore fruit BUT it wasn’t what I expected…

Market Samurai Crack: Why I Avoided Getting A Market Samurai Crack Version

My search for a Market Samurai crack download led me to Black Hat World but my hopes and aspirations of getting “Market Samurai for free” were soon crushed when I realized:

A Market Samurai crack is too unstable, too unreliable and too much of a hustle to maintain.

Here are a couple of comments that deterred me from getting a Market Samurai crack version.

If you see where I’m headed with this, you’ll realize that getting a Market Samurai crack is in reality doing yourself a disservice- you’ll just end up frustrated.

Market Samurai Crack: What I Did

At this point, I knew there was no going back to using the unreliable Google Keyword Tool (as it was called them), so I searched for a way to get Market Samurai at a discounted price, and luckily enough, I did.

Instead of buying Market Samurai for $149, I ended up parting with $97 for the best keyword research tool on the planet-that’s a $52 discount!

It’s been now 9 months (at the time of writing this) since I bought Market Samurai and given all the improvements and updates they’ve made, I honestly feel sorry for guys still struggling to get their cracked versions of Market Samurai working.

I mean, every time a new update is made, anyone having a Market Samurai crack will also have to update their crack for it to work, and unless you’re good in programming, it’s just not worth the effort.

If on the other hand your Market Samurai crack crashes, who in heavens name is going to help you out? It’s not like there’s customer support for the crack or anything.

Lemme leave you to be the judge, but from where I stand:

Getting a Market Samurai crack is just not worth it! You’ll only end up stressing yourself whereas you should be busy growing your business.

If you’d instead like to do yourself a favor by getting an official Market Samurai registration key (which comes along with all the support you’ll ever need), then CLICK HERE to get Market Samurai for $97 instead of $149 ($52 Discount And $3,315 Worth Of Bonuses Included!)

All you have to do is download the Free Copy Of Market Samurai (12 Day Free Trial), then click on the discount link that will be sent to your email to BUY Market Samurai for $97 (This offer is valid for only 7 days after you start your free trial).

Here’s a screenshot of the message you’ll get (It’ll be towards the end of your Market Samurai free download email).

Market Samurai Crack

Market Samurai Crack-Get Market Samurai For $97 ($52 Discount)

Market Samurai Crack

(Market Samurai)

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