Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai Review

            Market Samurai Review

Looking for a trustworthy Market Samurai review that will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you should get your hands on the “best keyword research tool on the planet?”

Well, whatever your reason for reading this Market Samurai review might be, lemme tell you right from the start that:

Keyword research is NOW the main determinant of success in any content driven SEO business model (i.e. blogging), and Market Samurai is in my opinion the best keyword research tool that can help you target the best keywords right from the start.

Market Samurai Review: Why Keyword Research Is The Most Important Piece Of The Puzzle

Think of it like this:

If everyone has the same backlink and syndication tools, then the only way to get ahead of your competition (and stay ahead) is to target the “Golden Keywords” that they don’t know even exists, and Market Samurai is the secret weapon that will help you uncover these “Golden Keywords”.

Market Samurai will help you target keywords that have low levels of competition but high levels of commerciality, and this winning combination is what will help you make tons of money (i.e. once your money making posts start ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines).

Market Samurai Review: General Rule Of Thumb

Always remember that:

Targeted Traffic=Even More Sales

Here’s a short video to show you why keyword research is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Market Samurai Review: Why Keyword Research Is Important (Video)

I hope you now see why keyword research is the most important piece of the puzzle :)

Market Samurai Review: Reader Disclaimer

Before we proceed with this Market Samurai review, I think it would be good to mention that I own a copy of Market Samurai, so please rest assured this Market Samurai review is genuine and not just a sales pitch to get into your wallet (Though I wouldn’t mind :))

Now that we’re clear on that, lemme take a minute or two to explain what exactly Market Samurai is (I want this Market Samurai review to be as thorough as possible+ it’ll help us all read from the same page).

Market Samurai Review: What Is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai Review-What Is Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a unique keyword research tool that helps bloggers (including affiliate and network marketers) uncover keywords that meet the “4 Golden Rules” (We’ll talk about them later).

It’s keyword research functionality helps marketers target keywords that are highly profitable and relevant to their niche.

Market Samurai Review: Important Things To Note
*Market Samurai was created by the guys over at Noble Samurai*
*It works on both Mac and PC*


Market Samurai Review: How Market Samurai Works

In the upper section of this Market Samurai review, I mentioned that Market Samurai helps marketers uncover keywords that meet the 4 Golden Rules, so here they are:

Market Samurai Review: The 4 Golden Rules Of Keyword Research
  1. Relevance-It helps you find keywords that are highly relevant to your niche.
  2. Traffic-It helps you find high traffic keywords.
  3. Competition-It helps you assess your market competition (e.g. their backlinks, Page Rank, domain age, On-Page Optimization etc.) so as to come up with keywords that have acceptable levels of competition.
  4. Commerciality-It helps you assess the profitability of your keywords by showing you the AdWords value per keyword e.g. its CPC (Cost Per Click), SEOV (Total Search Value) etc.

Market Samurai Review-4 Golden Rules

The Market Samurai review video below better explains how Market Samurai works in regard to the above 4 Golden Rules of keyword research.

Market Samurai Review: How Market Samurai Works (Video)

Market Samurai Review: Why Market Samurai Is The Best Keyword Research Tool

Instead of using this Market Samurai review to paint the “other” keyword research tools in bad light (which isn’t cool), lemme show you what’s under the hood of this amazing keyword research tool.

Market Samurai Review: Here’s What You Get

In addition to the “Keyword Research Module”, Market Samurai/Keyword Samurai comes with 7 FREE Modules to help you in your marketing efforts.

Market Samurai Review: The 7 FREE Modules You Get
  1. Rank Tracker Module-This module helps you keep track of the position of your keywords (i.e. posts) in the three major search engines i.e. Google, Bing and yahoo.
  2. SEO Competition Module-This module helps you 1) Assess the level of your competition 2) Gain a competitive advantage, and 3) Unmask your Google competition. From experience, I can say this is the most important component of Market Samurai (second to the Keyword Research Module of course :))
  3. Domains Module– Tired of spending hours or even days searching for the perfect domain? Then you’ll love the “Domains Module” of Market Samurai as you’ll now be able to quickly and effortlessly find high quality domains just by the click of a button…I mean, how cool is that!  
  4. Monetization Module-This module helps you turn your blog into a money making machine by helping you 1) Find products to promote from ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction & PayDotCom 2) Generate dynamic ads e.g. Google AdSense, eBay auctions  and Amazon products.
  5. Find Content Module-This module helps you research and find articles that are relevant to your keyword (niche). It even gives you the option of where to research and get your content from e.g. from news sites, blogs, article directories, picture/video sites etc.
  6. Publish Content Module-This module helps you publish content to your blog(s) right from Market Samurai.
  7. Promotion Module-This module helps you get high quality backlinks to your published content (i.e. posts). It currently supports backlinks from Web 2.0 properties, Blogs and Forums. It also gives you the option of submitting your post to DMOZ (it’s a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links owned by AOL)

Market Samurai Review: How Much Does Market Samurai Cost? 

I know not many are going to like this part of Market Samurai review (this is the ugly part :)), but Market Samurai currently goes for a One-Time Fee Of $149…BUT there’s good news-> If you ACT NOW, you can get a copy of Market Samurai for a One-Time Fee of $97 instead of $149. That’s a whopping $52 discount!

Market Samurai Review: How To Get Market Samurai For $97 ($52 Market Samurai Discount!)

After you Click Here for your 12 Day FREE TRIAL of Market Samurai, you’ll get an email with an offer to buy Market Samurai for $97 instead of $149, but that’s only applicable if you act within 7 days from now.

Here’s a screenshot of the email you’ll get:

Market Samurai Review-Get Market Samurai For $97 ($52 Discount)






If you’re an action taker, it should be pretty easy to get yourself a copy of Market Samurai a.k.a the best keyword research tool for $97 instead of $149. You can thank me later :)

Try Market Samurai For Free!

Market Samurai Review- Try Market Samurai For Free!

Market Samurai Review: But Isn’t It Too Expensive?

If you’re thinking that a One-Time Fee Of $97 is too expensive for the best keyword research tool on the planet, then let me show you the value of the entire package you’re getting:

  • SEO Competition Analysis Module– Analyse the strength of the competition in any niche (value: $249)
  • Keyword Research Module– Find the right keywords to dominate your niche (value: $176)
  • Domains Module– Choose a domain that will boost your rankings in the search engines (value: $99)
  • Monetization Module– Turn traffic into cash with instant affiliate ads published straight to your site (value: $99)
  • Find Content Module– Research articles and find content to republish immediately (value: $99)
  • Publish Content Module– Write, schedule and publish content straight to your blog(s) (value: $99)
  • Promotion Module– Build high-authority backlinks to improve your site rankings (value: $99)
  • Lifetime Market Samurai Software Updates– You gain access to new and updated tools as they evolve (value: $295 per year)
  • Priority Email Support– You can contact the Market Samurai help-desk with any questions and receive a personalized priority response (value: $695 per year)

So to wrap things up, you’re getting $1,215 worth of value for a One-Time Fee Of $97.

I don’t know about you, but when I took this into consideration (before I had bought a copy of Market samurai), I was more than happy to purchase it, and given the improved rankings my blogs are getting (thanks to targeting low competition keywords), I’m forever grateful to the Noble Samurai team for creating such an awesome product.

Market Samurai Review-Total Worth Of Value You Get

Market Samurai Review: Why Not Just Use Google Keyword Planner And It’s Free?

Market Samurai Review-Risks Of Using The Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research

Let me be frank with you here and share my personal story of using the Google Keyword Tool (as it was called then). Click Here to get the full details of why the Google Keyword Planner is a risky tool to use in Keyword research.

If you’re in a hurry to finish reading this Market Samurai review and don’t want to read my personal experience with the Google Keyword Planner (It basically messed me up), then know this; you risk picking the wrong keywords i.e. keywords with:

  • The wrong permutations.
  • Incomplete phrases.

In short, you risk using the wrong keywords in your money making posts courtesy of the Google Keyword Planner.

The video below better explains which the two main marketing traps of keyword research are i.e. picking keywords with incomplete phrases and keywords in the wrong order.

Market Samurai Review:How To Avoid Targeting The Wrong Keywords (Video)

Believe me, if I had to do it all over again, I would rather part with $97 once than target the wrong keywords (using Google Keyword Planner) over and over.

Market Samurai Review: Why Not Just Use A Free Cracked Version Of Market Samurai

If you’re still uptight about parting with a One-Time Fee Of $97 for Market Samurai which is arguably the best keyword research tool on the planet, and you’re thinking of getting a crack copy of Market Samurai from God knows where, then know this:

It’s not worth it! Just save yourself the stress and grab an official paid copy :)

*From what I’ve heard concerning the cracked version of Market Samurai, I’m glad I decided to buy it rather than crack it*

Market Samurai Review: Why You Should Avoid Getting A Crack Of Market Samurai

The main reason why you should steer clear of any Market Samurai Crack version is because of its regular updates + stability/bug issues that come with the cracked versions.

I’ve used Market Samurai for about 8 months now and in that short period of time, there have been over 20 updates made to the software.

Some of these updates were aimed at fixing certain issues, others at making it perform faster and yet again, others were aimed at introducing new and exciting features.

Assuming you get a crack version of Market Samurai, how do you suppose you’ll survive when 1) Something goes wrong with that crack copy and you need help 2) A new version with new features is released, and 3) Google changes their search algorithm and you need an update?

If you see where I’m headed with this, you’ll realize that getting a paid version of Market Samurai is the best move to make.

Market Samurai Review-Buy Market Samurai Today

Market Samurai Review: Is Market Samurai Really The Best Keyword Research Tool Compared To The Rest?

If you’ve been searching for a keyword research tool to use, then chances are you’ve come across one that goes by the name “Long Tail Pro” (It’s Market Samurai’s main rival)

I’ve personally never used Long Tail Pro so I won’t say much about it in this Market Samurai review, BUT one of the things that made me pick Market Samurai over Long Tail Pro is the fact that in addition to the one-time fee of $97 attached to Long Tail Pro, you will need to pay an extra $17 each and every month just to be able to:

  • Calculate Keyword Competitiveness (It’s free with Market Samurai)
  • Save Favorite keywords (It’s free with Market Samurai  + You can do that on a word document)
  • Import lists of keywords up to 10,000 at once (Market Samurai supports importing of keywords for free + Are you really going to import such a big list?)
  • Auto-search and Track Rankings – coming soon! (Market Samurai has a free “Rank Tracker Module”)
  • Create custom calculations from keyword results – coming soon! (???)

When I took the above into consideration, I saw that Market Samurai was better than Long Tail Pro by far.

I mean, why pay an extra $17 each and every month just to access features that are free with Market Samurai?

Market Samurai Beats Long Tail Pro

Market Samurai Review-Market Samurai Beats Long Tail Pro (Why pay an extra $17/month?)

Market Samurai Review: It’s Your Turn To Get Market Samurai And Supercharge Your Rankings

Hoping the above Market Samurai review has helped to shed some light on why Market Samurai is the best keyword research tool on the planet, I want to once again present you with the opportunity to get this awesome piece of software for a One-Time Fee Of $97 (You’ll also get all the training videos and documents on how to effectively use it).

CLICK HERE NOW To Get Market Samurai For $97 Instead of $149 ($52 Discount And $3,315 Worth Of Bonuses Included)

I know $97 might sound rather expensive especially if you’re just staring out and don’t really have much to invest (I’ve been there), but if I had to do it all over again knowing what I now know, I would have looked for money to first buy Market Samurai before purchasing any other marketing software e.g. backlinking tools.

This is because success in this industry NOW heavily depends more on your chosen keywords than on your backlinking tool-set.

Remember that majority of internet marketers have backlinking tools so the only way you can stay ahead of the pack is by doing thorough keyword research for keywords in your niche that meet the 4 Golden Rules i.e.:                              

The 4 Golden Rules

Market Samurai Review-The 4 Golden Rules

  1. Relevant to your niche
  2. Have significant levels of traffic
  3. Have acceptable levels of competition
  4. Have high levels of commerciality/profitability

From where I stand, Market Samurai is that secret weapon that will help you uncover the “less competitive” golden keywords in your niche thereby making you the dominant marketer, and believe me, the result will blow away your bank account :)

Market Samurai Review: How Market Samurai Helps You Dominate Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

If you’re therefore committed to making money online and living the life of financial freedom you know deep down you deserve, then CLICK HERE to grab your own copy of Market Samurai and join other savvy internet marketers that are making money on the fast track (Don’t let reading this entire Market Samurai review all be in vain :) )

P.S: Lemme know what you think of the above Market Samurai Review.

P.S.S: If you found value in the above Market Samurai Review, then please do share :)

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Click HERE To Get Market Samurai For $97 Instead Of $149 ($52 Discount And $3,315 Worth Of Bonuses Included!)

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